Lead Assignment & Routing

You may choose to assign the exported records to users inside your CRM. You can do this in one (1) of three (3) ways:

  • Round Robin
  • Random
  • Single User

Round Robin - assign records to users in an equal style by company’s. The Round Robin does not take into the account the individual contacts associated with the downloaded company for record ownership

Meaning - Three (3) company’s downloaded with a total of 30 contacts

  • Company A - 5 contacts
  • Company B - 10 contacts
  • Company C - 15 contacts

If you chose three (3) different CRM users to receive the records then the layout would be:

  • User 1 -> Company A with 5 contacts
  • User 2 -> Company B with 10 contacts
  • User 3 -> Company C with 15 contacts

Random - The assignment of records will be randomized among a list of users that you include to receive the records.

Single User - All exported records are assigned to a single chosen user.

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