Nope. It's absolutely not opt-in and the unsavory characters that attempt to sell you 'opt-in' data regularly, are simply lying. Permission (i.e. opt-in) cannot be transferred, licensed or sold to a 3rd party. Someone that grants permission for communication is exclusively opting in to that specific organization or list. Period.

If it's not opt-in, isn't this just spam? There are marketing 'purists' that can and do paint that picture... and we get it. It's the result of the unsavory practices of many people and operations (albeit most are in the B2C realm -- and attempting to hijack your Windows PC by promoting blue pills). But cold engagement (email or phone) to the right prospects with the right message, works.

For the last 10 years we have encountered all sorts of purchased data scenarios from our customers. Part of our motivation for Prospect was to create a credible and best practice driven solution for B2B marketers and sales team. The 'black market' for data, which too many reputable companies get stuck in, will only bring you problems.

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