Once your search criteria is defined and our company finder completes our scan, you'll be shown the results view. The results view is an Account-based view of company's that met your search criteria with key contacts available.

The right-hand side of the screen will show you the different filters and conditions that you have set up for the Persona. The various filters are broken into sections:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • People
  • Technology Used
  • Social Footprint

For a more detail explanation of each section click here: Filters & Criteria

Saved search lock

Until the first data export has been initiated you are free to continue modifying the search parameters and criteria. Any changes will prompt Prospect to re-query for updated results based on what you have modified. Once the first data export for the search is executed, the search parameters will lock in place and you will no longer be able to edit the saved search.

If you want to make a change, you can always clone your saved search and modify the cloned version.

You can continue to export accounts and contacts from a locked saved search. The lock only prevents changes to the search parameters, but it doesn't prevent you from loading additional accounts and contacts, or exporting them.

Enriched Company Insights

The results will appear in descending alphabetical order. The results table provides the following key insights for each account:

  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Location
  • People

On the far right-hand side of the table you may also see an icon for a social media profile. The icon(s) will only show if a profile has been found associated with the corresponding company. The more social profiles found, the more icons will appear.

Next to the company name is an arrow icon. Clicking on the arrow icon will open up a drawer with a preview of company insights available for that organization.

The preview will give you a snapshot of what data is available for that company. This will include information such as:

  • Basic address & contact info
  • Known bio/description
  • Company Size
  • People found for all known roles
  • Estimated revenue
  • Estimated technology spend (monthly)
  • Industry/Sector
  • Technology used
  • Social profiles

Once you have exported the company you will have access to the full snap shot of enriched company data. Click here for data export options: Data Export

Note: Not all company's will have the same insights available. It will vary from organization to organization.

Selecting contacts

If you click on the green avatar icon under the people column, the company will expand to show you the individual records associated with the company that fit your People criteria selected when building the search.

The expanded view will allow you to select individual key contacts for export instead of exporting the whole organization. All you need to do is select the check-box next to the contact you wish you export.

Once you have chosen all the company's and contacts you wish to export simple click on the Select Prospects button in the upper right corner. This will trigger the export process. For more information on each export option please click here: Data Export

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