On the Prospect Manager page, on the far right-hand side, you will be able to access the history of data exports that have been done for that Persona.

Once the history has been accessed, you will get a drop down of all the exports with their pertinent information.

The information includes:

  • History
  • Date and time
  • Status
  • Contacts
  • Failed validation
  • Successful
  • Method
  • Credits

History - full Persona name with Date/Time of last export

Date and time - timestamp for export

Status - if the export is completed or still filtering; larger exports will take longer time

Contacts - breakdown of export between individual records and the company's they belong to

Failed validation - records that did not export successfully; reasons include unvalidated data or record had previously been purchased in another export

Successful - report of successfully exported records

Method - which method did the export take place: CRM, Marketing List, or CSV download

Credits - how many credits were spent on the export; records that fail validation do not have credits charged to them.

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