To find a report of all Target Lists synced with Bolt All-in-one, navigate to Accounts & Contacts --> SugarCRM --> Target Lists

The SugarCRM Target List Report will detail all Target Lists currently synced with the platform. From this report, you can auto-segment your Target Lists for direct campaign sending by clicking the checkbox associated with the designated Target List and then clicking on 'Save List Selection' at the top of the screen.

A brief description of the columns:

Name - Name of the SugarCRM Target List along with the created date and assigned sugar user who owns the TL
SugarCRM Count - Total number (hard value) of records within the Target List
Last Imported On - Date/timestamp of last record imported into the Target List
Imported - Number of records that are able to be imported into INBOX25. This would be any record with a valid email address who is not opted-out in SugarCRM
Active - Number of records with the record status of 'active' in INBOX25
Segment - Lets you know that the Target List has been segmented as a CRM List for direct sending

To view a report of all records synced with Bolt All-in-one, what module/s the record resides in and what their record status is, click on the highlighted value under the 'Imported' column. The pop-up window will give you a detailed breakdown with all the metrics mentioned. Any record with a slash through the name are not active records.

A brief description of the columns:

Target - Name of the record in the Target List. Show Bean ID will display the 64 unique character ID for the record
Status - Tells you if the record is either active or inactive in Bolt
Date/Time - Tells you when the record was added to the Target List
Score - Tells you the Lead Score associated with the record
Lead Source - Tells you were the record originated from

Owner - Which SugarCRM user owns the record

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