How are prospects finding my business in the clutter of the web? One answer, search engine keywords. LeadFWD's Search Keyword Report will display and organize the keywords that are driving traffic to your webpages. We've spoken in the past regarding the importance of driving relevant website traffic as a means for direct prospect interaction. Understanding and analyzing the keywords prospects are using to find your business will not only provide useful analytics in regards to overall website performance, but allow for deep insight into the niche markets and unique attributes that lead prospects to your business. Not to mention, you can analyze these keywords and translate them into further Click Campaigns.

Keywords are pulled directly from the user's browser ---> Site Monitor telling you exactly how they found your website and what types of website interactions those keywords led to. Various keywords can attribute different levels of interest and further interactions with your business. The Search Keyword Insight Report will allow for revenue generation by displaying the open and won opportunities of records that have been driven by your keywords. Each website visit is a chance for business growth and determining the source of your revenue is key to developing a well-rounded, efficient digital marketing strategy.


  • Website Visits
  • Avg. Pages Per Visit
  • Avg. Duration
  • Targets
  • SugarCRM Opportunities
  • SugarCRM Won Opportunities
  • Last Seen


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