Looking back at the LeadFWD Lead Source Report, we spoke about the importance of digital marketing channels in relation to lead generation. Understanding which channels are providing effective and consistent growth is key for analyzing your current marketing strategy. The LeadFWD Lead Generation Insight Report works in tandem with our Lead Source Report by providing a historical lead growth timeline and revenue indicator for your various marketing channels.

Gathering analytics on lead growth is simple with our Lead Generation Insight Report as you can filter growth by month, quarter or year. We'll break down your top lead source for the month and determine how many open and won opportunities were created during that time period. If you incorporate a lead scoring system within your digital marketing strategy, our Lead Generation Insight Report will also display your leads average score allowing for determination on the quality of leads generated.


  • Site Monitor Installed
  • SugarCRM Opportunities Enabled for Opportunity Tracking (SymSync) (Optional)
  • Salesforce Opportunities Enabled for Opportunity Tracking (SymSync) (Optional)
  • Lead Scoring (Optional)
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