Digital Marketing includes a wealth of both inbound and outbound marketing channels at your disposal. The sheer number of inbound channels from which lead generation can occur means the marketeer must be ever more diligent when analyzing the structure of their lead growth. Knowing which channels are generating greater interest and more prospects with your business allows you to critique and improve on your current marketing strategy.

LeadFWD's Lead Source Report breaks down each inbound marketing channel and intuitively reflects the prospects those channels have generated. Need to analyze lead growth over the past year? Done. With the Lead Source Report you can toggle your analytics by year, quarter or month.

The obvious goal of lead generation is to generate revenue for your business. Understanding not only which channels are generating leads but more importantly which channels generate revenue creates transparency and guides your marketing to focus their attentions where it is most necessary. The Lead Source Report will display what percentage of new targets are generating revenue as well as how much revenue is associated with each marketing channel.

Source By


  • Utilization Of One Inbound Marketing Channel (In-house or Integration)
  • SugarCRM Opportunities Enabled (SymSync) (Optional)
  • Salesforce Opportunities Enabled (SymSync) (Optional)
  • Site Monitor Installed (Optional)

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