Between the management of your multiple marketing channels and coping with your inevitable database growth, you may find it's becoming overwhelming to accurately monitor and engage with all of your users. Staying relevant in the minds of your prospects and customers is essential to building a long-standing and heathy relationship. Maintaining a certain level of outreach consistency doesn't have to be a challenge when you have the functionality of Marketing Automation on your side.

LeadFWD's Lead Aging Report breaks down a record's last interaction with your digital marketing channels to ensure no record goes untouched. Our Lead Aging report will filter your marketing database with not only the last interaction, but the record's lead score and nurturing status. Interactions can be based off any inbound marketing activity (landing Page) or outbound (email).

Filter by:

  • List Type (SugarCRM/ Marketing List)
  • Lifecycle Stage
  • CRM Sales Stage


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