How it works


1. Bi-directional sync between LeadFWD and Zendesk
2. Leverage ticket data as criteria for Automation Conditions and Scoring
3. View full ticket transcripts inside your targets Timeline Profile
4. Workflow to create support tickets in Zendesk using Automation

Our Zendesk Integration allows you to leverage the data you collect about your leads and customers through the course of the support process. Support can often play a critical role in the sales process, particularly when a lead has the opportunity to trial your product ahead of a purchase.

With LeadFWD + Zendesk you can also build business logic and workflow processes using Automation that will add greater efficiency to both your support operation and also your marketing program. You can quickly and easily automate creating new support tickets, adding users to Zendesk, alerting Sales Agents when a lead opens a support ticket (or rates a ticket), send an email reminder when a ticket is awaiting a response and much more.

Analytics are key. Having uninhibited access to key indicators and reporting insights is paramount to modifying and refining your marketing program. Our Zendesk Reporting capability will provide you with a detailed overview of how well your support operating is performing in conjunction with your marketing program. Quickly understand how support is influencing sales and which support agents are driving the most opportunities.

Getting Started

Requirements: LeadFWD Pro Marketer Plan and a Zendesk Account

The first step to connecting Zendesk to LeadFWD is to login to your Zendesk account as an Owner/Agent and navigate to Settings --> Channels - API

You will need to Enable Token Access and Copy your API Token/Key

Once you Copy your API token, toggle over to a different browser tab and login to your LeadFWD account. Once you successfully authenticate, navigate to Settings --> Integrations

Select Zendesk from the available options to enable and setup the integration

Next, you will need to authenticate your Zendesk account with LeadFWD

1. Zendesk Domain is the unique access URL for your Helpdesk (

2. The Username should be the primary agent / account owner with appropriate admin permissions

3. Copy/Paste your API Token from your Zendesk account and insert it in the API key fields.

Lead Generation

Sync New Zendesk users to:

Whenever a support ticket is generated in your HelpDesk it is appropriately assigned to a user (your lead or customer) in Zendesk. Our integration will do the following automatically:

1. Recognize a new user in your HelpDesk and add them to a Marketing list or CRM lists. This allows you to utilize your HelpDesk as a new channel for lead generation.

2. Recognize existing users that submit support tickets and assign those support tickets to existing records in your Marketing list or CRM list. This allows you to see a lead or customers entire support history from within LeadFWD -- in addition to their marketing and sales history.

The list you specify on this option will be the list that all NEW users (leads or customers) will be added to. Before we add a new user, we'll double check to make sure they don't already exist. If they do, we'll assign any new activity to their existing profile in LeadFWD.

Import Historical Data (Last 6 months)

This option will task LeadFWD with grabbing all of your support ticket history from the last 6 months of activity in your HelpDesk. This is not a rolling 6 month period. We'll only conduct this import one time. From that point forward this data is maintained in near real-time as long as the integration is active. With this historical data we will assign support history to existing records in your LeadFWD platform and we'll create new records for any users (leads/customers) that do not yet existing in a Marketing list or CRM list.

Automation and Workflow

Creating Automated tracks for marketing or workflow using LeadFWD with Zendesk is simple and flexible. Data exchange between Zendesk and LeadFWD is in near real-time, which means your automation program can be responding to new data and behavior almost instantly.


1. Automatically notify a Sales Agent when a priority lead opens a support ticket.

2. Create automated email drip campaigns that educate users about product features based on a tag assigned to a support ticket.

3. Remind users of pending tickets that require additional input after a certain period of time has passed (i.e. 72 hours since last update by requester)

4. Automatically send an email survey to a user after a support ticket is flagged as Solved or Closed.

5. Automatically notify a Sales Agent or Sales Manager when a priority lead rates a support experience as 'Bad'.

Lead Scoring for Zendesk

What's a support ticket worth to you? We think it means a lot. It can demonstrate more than just interest, but also desire to learn how to use your product or service. Our Scoreboard platform allows you to assign a numerical score to target records based on Zendesk ticket activity.


1. Allocate points based on a new support ticket being submitted by a lead.

2. Allocate points when a specific tag is assigned to a support ticket.

3. Allocate points when a target rates your support ticket upon resolution.

Reporting & Analytics

Our Zendesk integration reporting offers an inside look at how your support channel is influencing lead generation, sales funnel, opportunities and revenue. With our in-depth overview of your chat activity your marketing team will quickly pinpoint trends that impact both sales and support.

Timeline Report

In addition to reporting that is based on overall performance, you can also drill down into individual Leads and Targets to see their support history using our Timeline Report. Your team will have full access to every support ticket transcript from right within a Targets profile.

At the same time any member of your sales force can instantly open tickets on behalf of a target record from within in the Timeline Report.

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