Our GoToWebinar integration allows you to automatically register targets to webinars based on profile or behavior, track webinar attendees, score webinar registrants or attendees and easily send webinar email reminders and post webinar email follow ups. Our integration can also synchronize registrants with existing target records (in LeadFWD) or create new target records (when a registrant is not yet in LeadFWD).

Getting Started

Navigate to Settings --> Integrations --> Available Apps

Select GoToWebinar by clicking Enable

Next, enter the email address for an Authorized GoToWebinar Organizer and click Authenticate

Now, under GoToWebinar Accounts find the organizer you just added and click the Authenticate link.

An Oauth dialog window will open for you to log-in to your GoToWebinar account as the organizer. After you enter your username and password, click Login. This will complete the authentication process and connect your LeadFWD account to GoToWebinar.

Once you re-enter your organizer credentials in the window shown above and click login, you'll be successfully authenticated.

Lead Generation

When a customer or prospect registers for a webinar, LeadFWD can automatically import them to a Marketing or CRM List as a new Active Target record. If someone registers for a webinar that is already in your system as a Target record, we'll simply append their existing profile with the new registration info for your team.

LeadFWD allows you to pick a Marketing List to route new target records that are created from new registrants. If you're using SugarCRM with SymSync, you can have LeadFWD create a new Lead, Contact, Account or Target record in SugarCRM when a new webinar registrant is received.

Historical Webinar Data

Your past webinar data might still be relevant for your future marketing efforts. LeadFWD allows you to import the last 6 months of GoToWebinar data, including each webinar, the registrants, attendees, duration and more.

If you select this option, the following actions will be taken:

1. Registrants that are not already a member of a Marketing or CRM List will be created as new records on the list you selected for 'Sync New Registrants to'.

2. Webinar participation data (registrations/attendance/duration) will be appended to every targets Timeline profile in LeadFWD.

3. Webinar participation data will be available for Automation conditions and Scoreboard rules.

Automation for GoToWebinar

Our GoToWebinar integration includes several flexible conditions that can be applied to Automation tracks to further enhance your productivity with GoToWebinar.

Our flexible condition rules for GoToWebinar allow to segment and target records based on:

Target: Specific Webinars or Any Webinars

Specific Behavior: Did Register, Did Not Register, Did Attend or Did Not Attend.

Specific Levels of Engagement within a webinar: Attended (0-25%, 25-50%, 50%-75%, 75%-100%) Duration

Outbound Engagement: Send a pre-webinar reminder email or post-webinar follow up email

Lead Scoring for GoToWebinar

Webinar attendance can be an extremely valuable behavior metric to leverage when determining a leads buying intentions. Our GoToWebinar integration enables you to score your targets based on intelligence gathered from your webinar program.

GoToWebinar Registration Landing Page Forms

Webinars make for an excellent call-to-action (CTA) for landing pages. It enables you to identify targets and customers with SiteMonitor to monitor their web site behavior and to generate new leads in your Marketing or CRM lists.

With LeadFWD you can setup an Automation Track that automatically registers a Target to a webinar when they successfully convert/submit a Landing Page Form. For info on actually building a Landing Page + Form, check out this article.

You can easily create and build an Automation Track that contains two simple components:

1. Landing Page [Condition]: On Conversion of a specific landing page

2. GoToWebinar [Action]: Register Target to a specific webinar

Sending Webinar Reminder Emails

GoToWebinar can natively sends reminders to registrants of a webinar on your behalf. But, wouldn't it be great to put a little zing into the reminder and some personalization? We thought so, which is why we decided this was a must-have feature for the integration.

By building a simple two-part Automation track, you can select to target records that Did Register for a webinar and include the Extra Option parameter for a Pre-Webinar Reminder. Followed up by selecting the timeframe BEFORE the webinar starts that the reminder should be sent.

It's very important to follow the procedures exactly as described as this Condition and Action pair can only function in a very specific configuration. Which is a single GoToWebinar Condition followed up immediately by a Send Email Action. This combination will be recognized by our platform and the logic engine will monitor based on the start time of your webinar in order to trigger the Send Email action BEFORE the date/time of the webinar.

To give you an idea, your Automation would look something like this:

Personalization Tags for GoToWebinar

To allow you to inject relevant data from your GoToWebinar account into your email reminder, we've introduced two new personalization tags:


The [gotowebinar_reminder_details] tag will print the full webinar summary for the registrant that is receiving the reminder email.


The [gotowebinar_all_future] tag will list each of your upcoming, scheduled webinars inside the body of your email.

Example: a personalization tag would translate in an email message and appears like this to a target:

Sending Post-Webinar Follow-up Emails

The Post-Webinar Follow up email option enables you to target registrants and attendees immediately following the conclusion of a webinar. This option operates much like the Pre-Webinar Reminder Email functionality, in that it requires a GoToWebinar condition to immediately precede a Send Email action.

The timing operator triggers your send email action based on the number of minutes/hours/days that has passed since your webinar ended.

Reports & Analytics

Our integrated reporting suite for GoToWebinar will provide excellent insight into how webinars are impacting your sales cycle, opportunities and revenue.

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