When it comes to outbound marketing channels, email remains the centerpiece to any digital marketing strategy. Connecting with your prospects and customers through email allows for direct content injection, sometimes absent in more modern channels like social media. As you rely heavily on outbound email communication, it's important to understand the performance of your email marketing strategy. Basic email analytics, namely opens and clicks are key, but often absent from those reports is the correlation between outbound email performance and your ROI. How can you tell if your emails are being received in a way that is generating revenue for your business?

LeadFWD's Outbound Email Performance Report streamlines your email analytics by merging together your marketing efficiency with overall sales performance. Outbound email performance is larger than just tracking email opens/clicks. Email as a digital marketing medium should be viewed by the further interactions records take with your business as a result of those emails. The Outbound Email Performance Report will take your basic email analytics and correlate that information to your additional digital marketing channels.

We've spoken before about the importance of your website as the face of your digital footprint. Driving website traffic through means of SEO and PPC are common strategic routes, but the correlation between outbound email performance and website traffic is one where two central marketing channels meet. The Outbound Email Performance Report brings those two mediums together by displaying relevant website traffic driven from outbound‎ email campaigns.

Sending out thousands upon thousands of emails may seem like a law of averages game. "If I send out 'X' emails, I'm bound to get a hit". But it's quality over quantity. Positive email performance starts with a methodical approach reflecting on the interests and attributes of your consumer base. Creating engaging, relevant content for your users will always be more powerful than 5 emails per week of lacking material.

Email as the centerpiece of your outbound marketing strategy should not be exclusively "outbound" in its analytics. Correlating revenue generation to outbound email performance is essential for determining how effective your email strategy actually is. Just cold, hard facts. Our Outbound Email Performance Report will determine which email campaign recipients have open opportunities associated with them, and which of those have been won. Bottom line, ROI.


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