Target lists are lists of SugarCRM records (LeadFWD can access Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Targets) that you are targeting for a specific campaign. These target lists can be compiled by two methods; either by generating them from a report, or manually adding records to a specific target list.

The SugarCRM Reports tool has the ability to slice and dice your records based on data relationships and values that exist within your CRM. Although LeadFWD has the ability to segment by a number of valuable data relationships (example: Opportunities, Calls, Meetings, etc.) the depth of SugarCRM's native Reports tool will give you more flexible segmentation options.

We recognize that users may have already built Reports that generate Target Lists based on in-depth data relationships in SugarCRM or perhaps are using a 3rd party module that contains valuable data that they want to leverage for marketing. Our philosophy on a CRM's role in the marketing process is that it should remain an equitable partner and because of that position, we want our users to have access to the data segments that exist in their CRM. The logical solution was to add Target Lists as a SymSync module / object and make that criteria actionable in INBOX25. But, boy, that is a tough concept.

Specifically, we wanted to accomplish the following key features:

1. After the initial SymSync setup, a user should have the ability to set the status of Contacts, Leads, Accounts or Targets to Active or Inactive; based on their membership or lack of membership in a Target List.

2. Score Contacts, Leads, Accounts or Targets based on their membership or lack of membership in a Target List.

3. Enroll a Contact, Lead, Account or Target in a nurturing campaign based on their membership or lack of membership in a Target List.

4. Create CRM List segments in LeadFWD based on a Contact, Lead, Account or Targets membership or lack of membership in a Target List; to send 1:1 email campaign blasts that sync with SugarCRM Campaigns and are also covered under a ProMarketers unlimited sending ability.

5. Give users access to data contained in 3rd Party / Custom Modules via Target Lists.

Now.. the good news.. you can do all of these things and more!

How it works

Our Target List access is powered by our SugarCRM integration engine, SymSync. To start, you will need to enable Target Lists as an option in your SymSync configuration.

Enabling Target Lists

When you enable the Target List module in SymSync, we will conduct an initial synchronization operation with your CRM to import your Target List ID's, Names and members.

When the initial synchronization completes, you will be able to access Target List conditions on Automation and Scoreboard.

SymSync will communicate relationship changes on your Target Lists (i.e. records added or removed) to LeadFWD and it will also automatically sync new Target Lists when they're created.

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