Olark is a powerful chat platform that easily connects you with visitors on your web site. It's ideal for providing sales and support of your product and services quickly and efficiently.

How it works

Olark connects to LeadFWD and passes full Chat Transcripts to our platform. Once we receive those Chat Transcripts we parse them to find new Targets to add to your Marketing Program and assign chat transcripts to any existing Targets in your Marketing or CRM lists.

Once the data is saved within LeadFWD, it then becomes actionable for use with Automation, Scoring and Reporting.

Use Cases:

1. Automatically add/create new target records from chat sessions with new prospects.

2. View full chat sessions in a targets Timeline Profile.

3. Score targets based on Olark sessions and data

4. Automatically add/create new Lead records in your CRM from chat sessions.

Note: Ask for an Email Address on your Pre-Chat Survey

We create new target records or append chat sessions to existing target records based on the email address that your target provides to you when the chat starts. Always request the email address in the pre-chat survey with Olark. Otherwise we will automatically parse the chat session and use the first email address that appears. So, if you don't utilize the Pre-Chat survey, your support agent can also simply ask for the email address at the start of the chat session.


Login to your Olark account as the Owner and navigate to settings

From the settings panel, select Integrations

Then, select Webhooks

Once you select Webhooks, you will be prompted to insert a URL to post to. You will find this URL in your LeadFWD account under Integrations --> Olark --> Enable Integration

Copy your unique URL from your LeadFWD account and then paste it into the field provided under Olark --> Integrations --> webhooks

Now in order to ensure all chats will be sent directly to your CRM, make sure that you go back to the integrations screen and check the "Send ALL transcripts automatically".

From this point on Olark will POST all of your chat sessions to your LeadFWD account when they conclude.

Lead Generation

Sync New Olark users with LeadFWD and your CRM

Whenever a new Chat Session ends with a customer or prospect, our integration will automatically import the full chat script and the following will occur:

1. Recognize a new target in your chat session and add them to a Marketing list or CRM lists (Based on your selection, i.e. Create SugarCRM Lead). This allows you to utilize Olark as a new channel for lead generation with LeadFWD.

2. Recognize existing targets that open chat sessions and assign those chats to an existing records in your Marketing list or CRM list. This allows you to see a lead or customers entire chat history from within LeadFWD -- in addition to their marketing and sales history.

The list you specify on this option will be the list that all NEW users (leads or customers) will be added to. Before we add a new user, we'll double check to make sure they don't already exist in both LeadFWD and your CRM. If they do, we'll assign any new activity to their existing profile in LeadFWD.

Automation and Workflow

Building Automation Tracks and Workflow based on activities monitored in Olark is possible through our Chats condition. You can create logic conditions based on Chats held after a certain date, with a specific agent (or any agent); by duration, rating or by keywords found in a chat session.

Lead Scoring for Olark

Chat sessions can be a great indicator of a prospects purchasing potential. By using Scorecards you can assign numerical values for different behaviors that are monitored from Olark. As an example, perhaps a chat session with a prospect that lasts greater than 5 minutes if valued at 25 points.

Reports & Analytics

Our chat integration reporting offers an inside look at how chat is influencing your lead generation, sales funnel, opportunities and revenue. With our in-depth overview of your chat activity your marketing team will quickly pinpoint trends that impact both sales and support.

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