LeadFWD implemented a change to our SugarCRM integration that now enables record conversions to remain Active inside LeadFWD. We have also implemented an option that allows you to write form conversions to your CRM via a scheduled task that is run every minute. This option has been implemented for users who are experiencing long processing times when a prospect clicks submit on a form.

What does this mean?

As of today, SugarCRM sees that companies should be housing their data accordingly:

Prospect (Target) graduates to ---> Lead graduates to ---> Contact/Account

With LeadFWD's automation, our "Convert Record" action mimics this data structure, allowing you to convert prospects (or Targets) to Leads, and then from Leads to Contacts/Accounts.

When a record is converted, we set the original version of the record to an "Inactive" record status by default, and the user is meant to continue marketing to the record under the converted version.

Say no more!

Now you have the choice of having your records set to Inactive once they've been converted....or not.

*Note - Both versions of the record will count towards your Active Target Limit if you enable this option.

So in order to enable this functionality, first head on over to your Settings ---> Integrations ---> Available Apps

Next, you'll be shown all the possible integrations, please select SugarCRM.

Now you simply need to check off which options you'd like to enable for your SugarCRM integration.

Once you check off the option "Targets or Leads remain Active after record conversion", records being converted will remain active from here on out. If you wish to retro-actively activate (not to be redundant) records who have been previously converted, you can:

A) Run a manual sync of the module

B) Run an automation to set all Targets/Leads to Active

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