Opportunities are often not created and won in a day. Your CRM opportunities traverse through stages of growth from initial discussions to finalizing the agreement. Understanding that growth provides untapped, valuable insight into the efficiency of your revenue pipeline. Gauging how each opportunity has evolved over time allows for transparent expectations to be meet and provides both sales and marketing the means to critique and improve procedural efficiency.

Efficient Navigation

LeadFWD's Opportunity Time Machine Report breaks down each opportunity and allows you to track and analyze each opportunities' growth from infancy to the coveted "closed won".

Navigation around this report starts with defining your target month. The report will then exhibit a time machine displaying the month-to-month lifecycle changes your opportunities have gone through; from the beginning sales stage they were originally created all the way to the sales stage they are currently in.

Hands on Analytics

Similar to our Opportunity Pipeline Report, our Opportunity Timeline Report will organize your various opportunities into segmented categories held within a simplistic, linear list. This makes it simple to segment by opportunity value, opportunity owner, and the all important current and initial sales stage.


  • SugarCRM Opportunities Enabled (SymSync)
  • Salesforce Opportunities Enabled (SymSync)
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