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We allow you to personalize the subject line and content for each campaign you send. By adding any of the following tags to your campaign content, we will dynamically change these values for every recipient when sending the campaign. You could even add the name tags to the subject line of your email for a more personal approach.

First Name (everything up to the first space character) - [firstname]

Last Name (everything after the last space character) - [lastname]

Full Name - [name]

Email Address - [email]

Personalization with your custom fields

As well as personalizing your campaigns with variations of name and email address, you can also add any custom fields you might have set up for a subscriber list.

When adding a custom field, you can specify a personalization tag for that field. Whenever you add these tags to a campaign and send it to that list, those fields will be populated with each subscriber's information.

How do I insert a personalization tag?

Inserting a personalization tag is very easy and it can be done in one of two ways. You can either manually enter the personalization tag when creating your email campaign or you can use our Creative Editor to select a personalization tag to insert from an easy to access drop menu labeled 'Personalization'.

How to test your personalized email

Once you have the tags inserted into your document, you will want to send yourself a test and see them in action. Make sure you have got your campaign setup, and have defined the recipient list that includes the relevant custom fields.

Then, when you get to Step 4.1 Test your campaign you will see that you can choose to send a personalized version of your email to any address. The personalization tags will be filled out using the details of a random subscriber from your list, so you can see the email exactly as they will when you send the campaign.

Personalization in Email Campaigns

Pro Marketer account holders that are using SymSync for SugarCRM have the added benefit of automatically personalizing the sending headers of their email (From Name, From Email Address and Reply-to) with the assigned owner of a SugarCRM record (lead, contact, account or target).

This function can streamline a Marketing Manager or Sales Managers efforts by only having to create a single outbound campaign for all of their sales agents. Instead of creating an outbound campaign that is customized for each and every sales agent.

Your emails can be personalized with either the Assigned Record owner's information or the Reports to owner.

This feature is available on the following LeadFWD email tools:

1. Standard Email Campaign Wizard for outbound campaigns that are sent to CRM Lists or List Segments

2. The Send Email action available on our Automation tool

3. Content Stream action available on our Automation tool

Using the option is as simple as adding the tag [sugarcrm_assigned_to] or [sugarcrm_reports_to] in the From Name field and then selecting it from the available options on From Email Address and Reply-to Address.

Missing Data and Error handling

If you select the reports_to value and there is no reports_to value for a given record, we will automatically default back to assigned_to

A missing assigned_to value OR change to target source results in the company name being filled in as from and the first email address in the email verification manager being used.

There's so much more you can do with personalization tags.

With the use of "name tags" we can make our Subject Lines more dynamic by including the name of the record you are sending to.

With the help of the "[sugarcrm_assinged_to]" tag, we can make emails appear as if they are coming from the record owner inside of SugarCRM. This gives the feeling of deep personalization, without the hassel of manual input. The [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag can be used within the context of the "Email From Name", "From Email Address" and "Reply Address" to add even more functionally to this great tag.

From this screen lets jump to our email editor to explore some of the personalization tags we can include within the body of an email. Within any text box on our email editor, we give you the option to add personalization tags from any of the data fields both native and custom you have synced up from SugarCRM. These personalization tags will pull from the data fields associated with the record when the email is sent.

Below we can see the personalization box with all data fields synced to our platform displayed. The most common personalization tags are [name] tags as you can add deeper personalization to your email by greeting your receipts by name. In this example I have utilized the custom tag "[leads_type_preference_plane_size_c]" to automatically propagate in the body of the email the plane size they have chosen when filling out the "LuxJets" landing page.

The possibilities are endless in terms of email personalization with the addition of custom data fields. SugarCRM information has never been so easy to leverage with the help of LeadFWD! Happy Automating!

Personalization Tips and Tricks

In this article I'll be discussing LeadFWD’s new personalization tag, [sugarcrm_assigned_to]. Here at LeadFWD we are constantly looking to expand our already in-depth integration with SugarCRM. With both LeadFWD and SugarCRM working together we can achieve a lot of neat things and this new personalization tag is no different.

For those on our pro-marketer plans this new tag will make personalized email creation a lot easier. (Note, you will have to have SymSync installed to use this tag) Email blasts are great, but often lack the feeling of personalization, which can greatly hinder the recipients interest. Receiving an email directly from a human will always have the advantage over an automated generic blast email.

But creating personalized emails are time consuming and with a company that has many users(e.x Sales Reps), creating the feeling of deep personalization may seem too overwhelming. With the new [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag we brought the best of both worlds together. You can now create the feeling of personalized emails without the hassle of manual input.

The [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag allows you to automatically personalize the sending headers of your emails From Name, From Email Address and Reply-To with the assigned owner of a SugarCRM record (lead, contact, account or target).

This function can streamline a Marketing Manager or Sales Managers efforts by only having to create a single outbound campaign for all of their sales agents. Instead of creating an outbound campaign that is customized for each and every sales agent.

Using this tag couldn’t be easier. Let's move over to our Email Campaign Wizard. On this screen we can define the basic parameters for our email, like Subject Line, Sender Name and Reply Address. As we can see directly under the “From Name” we have the option to use the [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag. Simply type/paste the tag into the assigned box and you are ready to go.

But we can expand this functionality even more. We can also utilize this tag on the “Email From Address” and “Reply Address” to add deeper personalization to the email. Click the drop down menu and select the [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag. The reply address will automatically propagate with the tag as well.

It’s that simple. From this point we would continue building our email, but for this article’s sake we will skip that. If you would like to learn more about our email builder we have a fantastic video tutorial you can find here.

Let’s jump over now to our recipient screen and select the recipients for this email. I am going to choose a target list segment called “Middle Earth” and finalize the email.

Now that this email is ready to be sent, lets jump over to SugarCRM to view the owners of the records we are sending to. As we can see, these three records belong to different users, (i.e James Verdi and Jane Doee).

Before this tag, sending emails on behalf of these users was a chore as three separate campaigns would need to be created. With the use of the [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag we can now streamline this process into one concise campaign.

As we can see "James Verdi" is assigned to "Jane Doee". If we move to Jane's user profile we can see the email assicated with her account. The email address is "learninbox25@gmail.com"

Finally we can view the email as it’s sent with the [sugarcrm_assigned_to] tag. Here is the view from the Gmail inbox with the from name as "Jane Doee". We can also see the dynamic subject line as it addresses me as "James Verdi" with the use of the [name] tag.

If we dig deeper we can see the email address this email was sent from. Notice both the “From Name” and “Email From Address” reflect Jane Doee, as she is the assigned record owner in SugarCRM.

And it is that simple to create deep user personalization with the use of the [sugarcrm_assgined_to] tag. That’s Marketing Automation Made Easy!

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