At LeadFWD, there are several types of Record Statuses that are all equally important to understand.

So first, to look at what status records are, navigate to Accounts & Contacts. Then you'll select the list you'd like to view the records in. There are five different record statuses:

  • Active
  • Unsubscribed
  • Bounced
  • Inactive
  • Pending

The default status that you can view records in is Active. To change the view, click on the drop down menu, select the appropriate status, then click 'Display' to the right of the drop down menu.

Active Records are records with valid email addresses that are synced over with LeadFWD. You can market to/interact with Active records

Unsubscribed Records are records that have unsubscribed from any further correspondence from you. If you utilize the Email Preference Center, then you can view who have unsubscribed from a particular Subscription.

Bounced Records are records that emails have been sent to but the email bounced back, so the sending was unsuccessful. You can view which records bounced to see if maybe you'd like to try to market to those records another way

Inactive Records are records that either do not have a valid email address or have been set as inactive by you manually or through an automated workflow. You cannot interact with these records unless you change their status to Active.

Pending Records are records that are in the process of being synced over to LeadFWD through either a CSV or CRM. Once the sync is complete, the records will no longer be Pending, and will move to either an Active or Inactive Status, depending on your configurations.

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