For those connected to SugarCRM via SymSync, an important tool is the ability to leverage Opportunity data from within SugarCRM via automated workflows. This article will discuss some important logic to be weary of when leveraging opportunities within Automated Campaigns. More specifically, we'll explore what logic needs to be considered when leveraging opportunities with the contacts module.

The first step in utilizing SugarCRM opportunities is to first configure SymSync. For step by step directions please click here. At this point turn on the opportunities, contacts and accounts module.

This is where our first tip of logic is introduced. For those familiar with SugarCRM, opportunities can only be created within the Accounts module. Our system tries to alleviate this restriction by giving the ability to leverage opportunities with contacts, but the accounts module will need to be turned on for the connection between the two modules (Contacts and Accounts) to be made.

Let's now move onto automation as this is where the meat and potatoes of the connection is made. When leveraging opportunities with contacts our system aims to make a connection between the contact and an account matching that contact record. From this point we can relay the account information including opportunities to that matching contact. This allows our system to leverage opportunities outside of the accounts module.

While we do allow for opportunity interactions when contacts are being targeted, that can only reach so far. Our connection between contacts and accounts is based solely on permissions. Our system will only count those records that are assigned to you. Since we're not targeting Accounts directly with the automation, which has the relationship to the opportunity, we can only try and connect the Contact to the Opportunity by assuming that the assigned_to agent of the opportunity and the assigned_to of a Contact that is related to the Account (assigned to the opportunity) is the desired match.

You must own the contact, account and opportunity within SugarCRM in order for LeadFWD to make the connection. As long as you as the campaign creator own the records, you will be able to target contacts while leveraging SugarCRM opportunities. And Viola!

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