For those using LeadFWD landing pages, this article is important to understanding how record data is managed across multiple lists (either CRM or Marketing Lists). It is not an uncommon scenario to create a landing page mapped to (ex.) CRM leads, but have a CRM contact land on and fill out the page. In any default scenario LeadFWD will detect the existence of the CRM contact and will not create that record as a new lead. The contact's profile would mark the conversion as having occurred on both the form results and LeadFWD Timeline Report.

Below is a landing page currently mapped to the SugarCRM leads module to keep our above example consistent.

When is this option helpful?

While the default method of scanning for duplicate records upon a landing page conversion is recommended, there may be certain situations in which a user would want to create a new record if the converted record does not exist on the list the landing page is mapped to.

For those using exclusively marketing lists, or a combination of CRM lists and marketing lists, you may want to keep the data between the two lists separate. It will all depend on your data structure and the organization behind it.

The Solution

Selecting "No, don't check and create a new record" will disable LeadFWD's check upon conversion and create a new record even if that record may exist within another list. To navigate to this setting: Manage Settings--->Advanced Settings--->Data Management.

Note*- No matter which option is chosen, the system will always check if a converted record exists within the list the landing page is mapped to. LeadFWD will never create duplicate records across the same list.

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