To find reporting analytics related to your Automated tracks, navigate to Pro Marketer --> Automation.


Once the Automation Manager loads, you'll be met with an editable chart, showing targets touches vs targets enrolled, as well as how many outbound emails have been sent. You can use the filter bars at the bottom of the graph to filter automation tracks by name, condition, action or category.


To view records that have been touched and/or active through a workflow, click on the highlighted value under the 'Touched' column for a particular automation track.


Inside the Targets Touched screen, you'll be able to see:

  • Record name
  • Lead score
  • Current Lifecycle stage
  • The amount of conditions and actions met or executed
  • Status in the automation track
  • Timestamps of last active as well as campaign start

If you click on any of the highlighted names, you will be redirected to the Timeline Intelligence report for the particular record, showing any and all engagement (including automation track events).


If you click on the highlighted values under either the condition or the action columns, a pop-up window will show you each condition/action that they met or has been executed on the record.


If you click on the highlighted value under the 'Lifecycle' column, a pop-up window will show you the history of the record moving through your Lifecycle stages.


If you click on the highlighted value under the 'Score' column, a pop-up window will display the last 10 scoring events associated with that record.


Whilst inside an automated track, you can put your cursor over a condition or action to see how many records have been touched by the particular event.

Alternatively there are settings icons associated with each condition or action for you to choose. Clicking on the 3 heads icon will take you to the general automation track report showing who has been touched by the particular condition and/or action.

The bar graph icon is for action statistics. Clicking on it takes you to a separate report page that’s focused on the individual email campaign (as shown in the screenshot above).


If you were to click on the bar graph icon associated with a Content Stream, then you would be directed to the content stream report.

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