There are several elements of LeadFWD that leverage Salesforce campaigns for marketing efforts. It allows your marketing and sales teams to automatically associate a lead, contact or account based on specific behavior or tracked activities. Salesforce Campaigns also provide a target source for email drip campaign, automated emails and direct one-to-one email blasts. Membership (or non) of an SF Campaign can be used as a rule with our Scorecard management. Additionally, you can utilize Campaigns for both conditions and actions in Automation workflows to trigger things like updates to a Member’s status.

Where can Campaigns be leveraged in LeadFWD?



You can enroll leads, contacts or accounts on to automated journeys based on their Campaign Member Status.


You can add or remove a member to a specific Campaign and specify their Member Status.

Workflow-Campaign Association

Once a Lead or Contact is enrolled on an automated journey, you can add them as a member of a specific Campaign to measure responses by journey in Salesforce.

Email Campaigns

Creating Campaigns

You can generate a Salesforce Campaign using LeadFWD by enabling the 'Sync all activities to a new Salesforce Campaign' checkbox. Once the campaign is deployed, the campaign name and any records associated will become members as part of the newly created campaign. Their synced email activities will be updated as email engagement occurs (i.e open, click, unsubscribed).

As a Recipient List

You can deploy outbound, one-to-one email campaigns to entire Campaign Lists.


Reporting & Analytics

You can sync email campaign statistics to a Salesforce Campaign in real-time, including information about responses and opt-out actions.

Drip Campaigns

As a Campaign List

You can assign Campaigns to a Drip Campaign and all Members will automatically be enrolled to a specific email series. As new Members are added to said Campaigns, they will also be automatically enrolled in the linked Drip Campaign without any Administrative input.


Reporting & Analytics

You can sync email campaign statistics to a Salesforce Campaign in real-time, including information about responses and opt-out Actions.

Campaign Manager

LeadFWD’s Campaign Manager provides quick insight into specific Salesforce Campaigns that have been enabled in your account, showing you how they’re being utilized and what the results are.


Lead Scoring Campaign Members

You can score a Lead, Contact or Account record based on membership or non-membership in a SF Campaign using Scorecard rules.


Activity Sync

LeadFWD’s Activity Sync function appends the tracked behavior and actions of leads and contacts as unique events within Salesforce. Using Salesforce Classic, you can access dozens of critical marketing events from a unique Activity records sub-panel.


Note: The Activity History view is not available in Salesforce Lightning. This specific panel view is only available in Salesforce Classic.

You have total control over designating specific activities to be tracked. This can be managed via the Activity Log in the Salesforce Connector Dashboard

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