Important Note: Sub-users do NOT have access to SymSync, creating Sub-Users or the Billing Manager. Only the administrator of your LeadFWD account can access these features.

When creating sub-users we give you, the admin, control on setting permissions for your various employees. We give you the ability to set specific permissions for your sub-users, depending on their role with your company as well as what functions you'd like them to access.

First, to setup your sub-user permissions, you'll navigate to Settings ---> Team ---> Manage Users. If you have existing users then you will be able to access them by clicking on the expand options icon and selecting Manage / Edit.

If you have not created a user before then click on Create User located under Team on the left-hand side.

To begin, enter in general contact info for the user (i.e email address, password, other contact info)

Power Users are users that have all available permissions enabled. They will still not have access to Symsync or the Billing Manager and be considered another 'admin'.

Permissions overview:

Here's a view of all available permissions to configure for a sub-user and a breakdown of each permission section.

Pro Marketer Settings- Will you allow the user the ability to create automated campaigns, scorecards and/or landing pages? Checking these options will enable the user to then access these features of the platform

*Manage Automated Campaigns-Would you like the user to be able to access all automated campaigns, or assign them to specific ones. If you select specific ones, you'll be prompted to identify which ones you'd like them to have access to.

Manage Scorecards- Would you like the user to be able to have access to all scorecards, or assign them access to specific scorecards. If you choose to assign to specific scorecards, you'll be prompted to identify which ones

Manage Landing Pages and Forms- Would you like the user to have access to all Landing Pages and Forms or just specific ones? Like the other two settings, you'll have to identify which specific pages and forms if you select that option.

So after you configure the Pro Marketer Settings, highlighted in blue are your Campaign/Email-Marketer Settings:

*Campaign Management- Do you want the user to have no access, be able to create and test campaigns, or be able to create, test AND schedule campaigns?

Share Saved Campaign Drafts- Would you like the user to be able to have access to saved campaign drafts created by other users? All or select which other users.

List Management- Would you like the user to be able to create new Subscriber lists? Would you like them to manage Subscriber forms? Would you like them to have access to the Suppression List?

Authorized Sending Addresses-Which sending addresses are authorized to be used when sending out email campaigns? All or select which ones.

Manage Existing Subscriber Lists- Would you like the user to have access to all Subscriber Lists or just specific ones. Please identify if you choose the latter

Manage Existing SugarCRM Target Lists- Would you like the user to have access to all SugarCRM Target Lists or just specific ones. Please identify which ones if you choose that option.

Finally, highlighted in green, are your Other User Permissions. So you have your:

Reporting and Analytics- What kind of access would you like the user to have on reporting. You can allow them to have access to reporting for all campaigns, access to Subscriber activity, and/or access to export report data.

Account Settings-Would you like the user to be able to verify Sending Addresses, handle Bounces, manage Trigger campaigns, have the ability to create library folders, and/or have access to SugarCRM modules.

*Note- If you are a sub-user, you will only have access to records dependent on the permissions configured with your sub-user account. The admin will always have complete access to all records within your marketing database. If a sub-user will be sending email campaigns or interacting with any record from your marketing database, their permissions will need to be configured.

Specific List Permission

When configuring specific CRM List permission, you will have the ability to toggle the extent of access a sub-user will have. Whether it be from to segment and send to, or blanket access; this will be configured within these settings.


You'll want to give your employees the appropriate permissions to ensure no boundaries are overstepped. For management level employees, you'll tend to want to give them more permissions over access to lists.

Marketing managers or sales managers should be able to have access to campaigns that deal with lead management/lead routing.

Marketing associates or others should be given access to records assigned to them as well as campaign management access

Sales associates may benefit most from access to reports like Site Monitor or Landing Page conversions.

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