Actions are executed on a target once they meet the criteria (conditions) for an automated track. Ranging from marketing, sales or simple business logic, automated actions work in the background to facilitate the appropriate operations for your data.

Send Email

In most of your Automated Campaigns, you will want to send at least one email, since email is still the most effective form of marketing communication. With our Send Email action, you may pick a previous email or template from the drop-down menu and set up the new Automated Campaign. Your Auto Campaigns can contain as many email actions as you want, so you can create as specific and extensive nurturing path as you wish.

You may also build a new Email from scratch by clicking the “Create a New Email Message” right at the top of the drop-down menu. Between our library of vibrant, beautiful email templates and our intuitive drag and drop editor, creating a new email message feels more like playing game than work. And you don’t even have to use Photoshop to edit images - import and edit them right within our editor. Also, feel free to use our Library to import and save your own HTML code templates

You want subscribers to click through to your website, so link relevant pages from your website to images or text within your email with the click of a button. You can also inspire sharing by adding social buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from Social Connect.

Like any true Email Marketing platform, testing is everything. Which is why we include our robust Email Testing Suite with every account - so you can see exactly how your message will look in over 30 email platforms and also how it stacks up against spam filters. If we spot issues, we'll provide you with recommendations on how to improve your message.

Drip Series

Driving more personalized and relevant content to your targets once they reach a certain score threshold or completed some sort of action is the key to converting them to opportunities. The caveat is having a system in place which will send them messages at a specific day/time as to stay top of mind.

Using the Drip Series, you can accomplish both personalized content and content sent at the right time. It's simple. You drop your messages in, prioritize your stream, configure your delivery interval and activate! Targets remain in a content stream perpetually until they no longer meet the criteria for your workflow. Messages can be added at any time and you can also set your messages to be time sensitive.

This is a great tool for nurturing or dripping to targets who, say, have visited your pricing page - or need to receive a set of on-boarding instructions as they've become a new client. You can learn the ins and outs of the content stream within this dedicated article here.

Alert Agent

Marketing Automation will help you save human touch for when it’s truly needed.

With our Alert Agent action, you can send an alert to the record owner in the CRM or to a custom email address of your choosing. The recipient will get an alert and will be able to amaze the prospect with timely and informed personal attention. For example, if a prospect clicked on your email’s Call-to-Action, spent ten minutes on the Checkout page of your website and then suddenly left, a representative’s call may save a sale.

With the use of our Vision function, Vision scans will automatically be run on the enrollee and the Vision profile will be included in the alert email to the agent.

Aside from email you can also send an SMS to a phone number of your choice if you have our Twilio Integration enabled.

Update Field

Remember manually updating every cell in Excel every time a contact’s information changed? That was fun. The Update Field action makes data normalization and scrubbing a breeze. Dynamically updated fields can be easily leveraged for segmentation, reporting, scoring and triggering other Automated Campaigns.

Keep in mind that each Progressive Automated Campaign’s engine constantly checks if a relevant field still holds the required value. So, for example, if you targeted Sales Managers in one Automated Campaign and one of contacts got promoted to Director of HR (for argument’s sake), he/she will be dropped from the Automatic Campaign as soon as the Title field is updated. At the same time, if you have an Automatic Campaign where Directors of HR are targeted, he/she will be dropped into it.

Update - You can now update date fields with the [today] tag and date/time fields with [now] to push to either a CRM or Marketing List

Add to List

Quickly and easily move record's between different list types with our Add to List feature.

Select a different list than the one you are using for your automation as a designation for your records. Have a separate list you need to create for all your support enquires? Quickly and easily send all records who meet your support conditions to that separate list automatically and with ease

List Segment (Subscriber List or SugarCRM Target List)

Manually creating lists is tedious and antiquated. The List Segment action allow you to dynamically generate a local list segment and when your targets match certain conditions. You can thus easily create a segment for everyone who visited the Pricing page on your website or everyone who opened a particular email.

This is a particularly valuable tool for SugarCRM users that are in need of a more robust method for compiling target lists without the clutter of generating innumerable segments inside the CRM. As targets are added to a given list segment, they can fall into Automatic Campaigns where the target audience has been narrowed to only matching members of that segment. Soon enough, you will have the entire process moving as seamlessly as clockwork.

Tagging (Add/Remove Tag)

Tags are a great alternative to lists. Let’s say you don’t want to create a separate list segment for Frequent Website Visitors, Compulsive Email Openers, and Super Social Shares - you can just tag on each term to the relevant prospect or contact. If, at some later point, you want to select targets that match any of the above tags (and any other ones), you can use the relevant combination of tags and our engine will automatically apply the Automatic Campaign to targets with those tags.

In fact, as soon as you tag someone, our engine will check if an Automatic Campaign is targeting that tag, adding that person to the campaign if applicable. Alternatively, you can select one of the automatically-saved tags when you start a new campaign. In either case, tags are an easy way to label a specific detail about a contact and then combine any number of such details to create the perfect target profile for a given campaign.

Modify Score

The Modify Score action allows you to modify a target’s score by adding or subtracting points when conditions are met on the Automated Campaign. This gives you the full flexibility to determine for every separate Automated Campaign what goes into the lead score and how much to weigh it. For example, a prospect visiting your Pricing page may be normally worth 50 points to your Sales staff. But if the prospect visits your Pricing page after a particular email, maybe it’s worth double - so you assign 100 points in the Change Score action of that particular campaign.

Depending on your needs and imagination, you can add/subtract lead score points at the completion of an Automated Campaign or in the middle. If a prospect is ignoring your emails and/or website, subtracting points may be warranted. Keep in mind that a change in score within one campaign will reflect on the prospect’s/contact’s score elsewhere. Use it to your advantage when designing campaigns.

Convert Record (SugarCRM/SuiteCRM/Salesforce)

The Convert Record action is available to our CRM users and allows you to automatically convert a Prospect to a Lead or a Lead to a Contact/Account, when certain conditions are met. This way, you can take the guesswork out of conversion. So, if a prospect clicked on your CTA and read a page for 10 minutes - you don’t want to assign scores but rather just convert him/her into a lead, done! This is just another example of SymSync with the power of CRM.

New Call (SugarCRM/SuiteCRM)

With our New Call action you can schedule a call with a target automatically based on the conditions of your campaign. Look at your Automated Campaign as a custom-built Plinko board: you drop a prospect in and he/she will be directed towards a conversion/sale. The phone call is what will nudge them towards that middle high-score - towards conversion/sale. The other conditions, triggers, and actions in your campaign will ensure that the prospect/contact will not get to the phone call until he/she is absolutely ready.

So, for example, if someone progresses through your best CTA Automated Campaign, you may want to end the campaign with a call from one of your Sales Representatives. Alternatively, if a prospect ignores all of your emails, a call may be warranted to see if maybe email is just the right channel for that prospect.

New Opportunity (SugarCRM/SuiteCRM/Salesforce)

Every website visitor, email recipient, or contact is an opportunity for a sale. Yet, some present more immediate and concrete opportunities. With our New Opportunity action, let your Sales staff know that a particular prospect or contact may be ready for something specific. You refine the opportunity by specifying the amount, probability of success, lead source, lifecycle stage, expected closing time, and even by whether the opportunity is from new business or a current customer.

Armed with that data, your Sales team can quickly clinch the opportunity and make a sale. Alternatively, you may want to let an automatic campaign handle the opportunity (for example, if the amount is small or it is not expected to close for months). This way you not only have leads in your pipeline, but actual opportunities.

*Note - while the New Opportunity action is available no matter which CRM list you choose, Opportunities will only be created if you are targeting CRM - Contacts or Accounts, and in all cases will be associated with the Account record (even if targeting Contacts). The Account/Contact is a native relationship to CRM and an Account is required in order for an Opportunity to be generated inside the CRM

New Task (SugarCRM/SuiteCRM/Salesforce)

You can automatically create and schedule new tasks in your CRM and assign them to relevant targets when your target matches certain conditions. So, let’s say that a specific Automated Campaign contains an email blast targeted at contacts in companies’ IT departments. Being a smart and experienced marketer, you know that an IT Manager will probably not have the authority or time to purchase your product.

So when Steve in Company X opens that email and clicks through to your landing page, you can use our New Task feature to automatically send an email to Michelle, Company X’s Purchasing Manager (since you brilliantly marked Michelle as the Assigned Representative for Steve and others in Company X).

CRM Target Lists (Add to/Remove from)

Too many records to manage at once? How can I create a list of leads based on their lead score or lifecycle stage or let's say Landing Page Activity?

Using Target Lists as an action allows you to add leads into a target list based off of conditions you dictate. Has a lead transferred into a lifecycle stage or has a lead successfully converted your landing page? You can then add these leads to specific target lists of your choosing. From here, you can set other actions after they've been added to a list such as setting up a call or create an opportunity.

Additionally, what if a target is no longer qualified to be on a Target List. You can also remove targets from target lists based on the conditions you configure in your automated track. Lead hasn't opened any emails from the drip campaign you've entered them in? Well then

*Note: Target Lists are created inside your CRM. Also make sure that Target Lists are synced inside your SymSync. Check out our article on getting started with SymSync.

Assign Record To (Lead Routing)

If you have five Sales representatives, how do you determine who gets which lead? With our Assign Record action, this contentious issue is automatically solved. You can select a Round Robin assignment system and find comfort in knowing that each Sales person will get a lead in his/her turn.

If you cover distinct geographic locations, you can assign Midwest leads to one salesperson and Northeast to another. This is just another way to make sure all leads are relevantly and timely routed and acted-on.


I have contacts/leads that have converted on my landing page. I would like to send them to a Webinar from my site. How do I do this!?

With GoToWebinar as an action, you can do just that. If a lead has met certain conditions you dictate, you can now set an action to send them to a webinar of your choosing. GoToWebinar can now be integrated with LeadFWD inside the CRM integrations (in the LeadFWD dashboard, under the settings ((cog icon)) go to integrations, and follow steps).


Has a client filled out your "need help" landing page or commented on a specific post on your company's social networking profile. Or has a potential lead been on a specific page on your company's website for a certain amount of time.

As an action, you can now add users to your ZenDesk or create a ticket for a lead based on the conditions that you set for them (whether it be web activity, landing page activity or social activity). As an example, you have a landing page on your website that has to do with help (i.e Need Help). Once the lead fills out the landing page, the ZenDesk action will then create a ticket within ZenDesk or add the lead within ZenDesk so they are a known user once they submit a question into the system.

Send SMS

For the more tech savvy clients. Would you rather have your CRM users receive a text message notification instead of an email? Need alerts NOW instead of having users check email constantly.

Now with our integration into Twilio, companies with Twilio set up can now have alerts sent based on conditions that are met. Has a lead clicked on a specific link within your email that sends them to your pricing page. As an action, you can now have an agent of your choosing be alerted via SMS that a person has been to this page and converted on the form within that page. Now the agent can contact the lead and try to close the sale. This is just one example of many how to effectively utilize Twilio.

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