Understanding API Limits

Salesforce imposes a limit on the number of API calls that can be made during a rolling 24 hour timeframe. What this means is that the limit technically readjusts every minute as past API calls become older than 24 hours.

LeadFWD is constantly monitoring how close to your API call limit your account is at and will pause the Salesforce Connector when you reaches 95% of the imposed limitation. While the Connector is paused, LeadFWD will continue to queue data internally to be pushed to Salesforce once the rolling count of API calls falls below 75% of the limit.

Additionally, you can configure a total per-day API limit for LeadFWD via the Connector. This limit is not rolling, and is instead for a full 24 hour period. When your account reaches 80% of your daily-imposed limitation, the system Administrator will receive a notification. When your account reaches 95% of the limit, the Connector will be paused for all non-essential synchronization until 12AM local time.

What happens if and when I hit my API limit?

You will receive an alert when you reach 80% of either API quota (SF or LeadFWD local limit). This is only a warning. We will begin limiting outbound API connections when you reach 95% of either API quota to all non-essential API connections. When your account’s pre-set API limit, either the one set by Salesforce or by you via LeadFWD, is reached, we will immediately pause outbound API connections.

To elaborate on essential connections:

  1. Salesforce Campaign ID creation for outbound email engagement (Essential)
  2. New Leads or Contact creation from SF or LeadFWD (Essential)
  3. Activity Sync (Non-Essential and Queued)
  4. Email Stats (Non-Essential and Queued)
  5. Data Field Updates (Non-Essential and Queued)

At 100% of your quota, the connector will be paused for both essential and non-essential data. The connector will be restored under the following circumstances:

  1. Your 24-hour daily limit set via LeadFWD refreshes at 12:00:00 PT.
  2. You adjust your daily limit to include more API connections for LeadFWD
  3. Your Salesforce imposed API usage limit reduces to < 75%
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