Field Types

Once you add a field to the canvas, a field customization area will appear in the left tool panel. Each field contains its own customization parameters that are controlled on a field-by-field basis.

> Email Address

An Email Address field is required for all landing page forms. We automatically include a 'Confirm Email Address' field that requires a visitor to enter their email address twice, to ensure data integrity and prevent invalid email addresses.

> Name Field

The Name field is formatted for First and Last name. We recommend this field be used on all of your landing pages and forms.

> Single Text Field

The Single Text field is best utilized for open-ended data collection in situations where you could have a wide variety of entries from visitors.

> Paragraph Field

The Paragraph field provides a text area that allows your visitors to enter a text-based message.

> Date Field

The Date field allows you to select from a variety for data formats and ensures that the entry is stored in date field type.

> URL Field

The URL field is formatted to accept web addresses.

> Country Field

The Country field provides a drop-menu of every Country in the world.

> US State Field

The US State field provides a drop-menu of every State in the US.

> Phone Field

The Phone field is formatted for proper entry no matter what Country your visitor is from and is stored numerically.

> Mobile Phone

The Mobile Phone field was specifically created to store the value in a format that could be utilized for text message campaigns and workflow.

> Number Field

The Number field is formatted to only accept numeric characters.

> Drop Menu Field

The Drop Menu field allows you to create a multiple-option drop menu.

> Radio Button Field

The Radio Button field allows you to create a multiple-option field that will allow the respondent to select one option.

> Check-box List Field

The Check-box List field allows you to create a multiple-option checkbox-list for users to check off multiple options accordingly.

> Hidden Field

The Hidden field allows you to map a unique default value to a data field within the designated list.

> Terms and Agreement Field

The Terms and Agreement field allows you to enter a text-based agreement that a user must click to accept, before submitting your form.

> GoToWebinar Field

The GoToWebinar field allows you to provide a single-click solution to allow users to enroll in upcoming webinars.

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