To Map Users to a CRM, you'll first need to ensure that SymSync is configured. Additionally, you'll need to ensure that the 'Users' Module is synced over. It Should look like this.

Users are the equivalent of employees in SugarCRM. So when creating users inside LeadFWD, you can map their LeadFWD username to their corresponding SugarCRM account name. Navigate to Settings--->Manage Users to begin the setup.

If you have users created already, then they will appear on the next screen. If not, then you'll be prompted to click

. This will take you to the Create User Screen.

By selecting "Map to a SugarCRM User", you'll be able to select the appropriate SugarCRM user account for the sub-user you're setting up. When the two accounts are mapped together, the next step is to assign user permissions for this particular user. (To view what permission types mean, click here). From this point the user will need to log on to LeadFWD through SugarCRM, where they will be prompted to complete a one-time setup wizard. Their LeadFWD username for the sub-user will be the email address configured for their account.

*Note* The created users password will be the password the admin assigned to them on the "Edit Permissions" screen. The user will then be able to change their password after the initial setup process by going clicking the Settings--->General Settings.

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