LeadFWD’s native integration with SugarCRM will automatically flag SugarCRM records as “opted-out” for those records that unsubscribe from an LeadFWD sent email. This is to ensure that all unsubscribe data is honored and kept clean within both platforms. Although this method is highly recommended, there is one instance where one may want to keep SugarCRM record data untouched despite sending email communication through LeadFWD.

Normally a record is flagged as opt-ed out (or bounced) when a line is through their email address as seen below.

The Scenario

For those that use SugarCRM to send one-to-one direct email communication, both LeadFWD and SugarCRM’s direct mail client use the same email address field. This means records that opt-out of LeadFWD email campaigns (marketing communication) will also be flagged as opted-out in SugarCRM, meaning the same email field used for one-to-one email communication.

Normally in this scenario one can manually re-subscribe the SugarCRM email address which will allow for continued one-to-one email sends while retaining the LeadFWD opt-out.

Remember, once a record is marked as opted-out within LeadFWD, the record will always hold that unsubscribed status regardless of the SugarCRM status.

The Update

We have now added an option to NOT flag SugarCRM records if they opt-out of LeadFWD email communication. Their record profile will always be marked as unsubscribed within LeadFWD but remain active within SugarCRM. The goal being one-to-one email communication is not hindered and LeadFWD marketing communication can function as normal.

*Note- This option should only be used for the scenario discussed above.

To select the option hover over Manage Settings ---> Data Management ---> CRM Opt Out. From there select your desired status.

The Effects

With this status turned on the LeadFWD record will remain unsubscribed, while the SugarCRM record status will remain active.

LeadFWD will still update the SugarCRM Campaign Log allowing for SugarCRM users to be made aware that record has unsubscribed from an LeadFWD email. Also note the SugarCRM email report will display the opt-out records, but the status will simply not be pushed to the record itself.

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