When using a Marketing List, if there are any external changes to not reflected by or inside of our platform, you will have to manually update the list to pull in the updated/added info.


  • A column or row have been added to the CSV
  • A record/s have been added to the CSV
  • Information has been added by an external source (manual input, report from external database, etc).

To begin hover over Accounts & Contacts ---> Marketing List ---> Find Your Marketing List ----> Gear Icon ---> Add/Update/Delete


From this point on, the steps you will follow are identical to Creating a Marketing List.

When updating a marketing list always selectI will Add/Update/Remove as this will tell the system to update existing record profiles with new data while adding new records to the system.

On this step you will find your .CSV file and then click 'Next'.

*Note - It's important to try to use the same .csv to update or remove data from the existing Marketing List. It's generally a best practice from a data management or organizational standpoint.

Lastly, map your .CSV or Tab Delimited File Columns to the corresponding data field within our platform.

To find your list again, navigate to Accounts & Contacts ---> Marketing Lists

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