There are three methods to creating/updating segments with your Pro Marketer plan; creating segments through our List Manager, Quick Segment Builder and Automation Manager. This article is focusing on creating segments via our List Manager.

Creating/Updating segments through our List Manger provides the benefit of adding individual records to segments.

To being, navigate to Accounts & Contacts and choose a list type (Subscriber/Marketing/CRM).

Step 1 - Select Your List

To begin creating your segment, you'll first have to define a list in which to create a segment for. Whichever list you choose, click the gear icon associated with the list and select 'Manage Contacts'.

Step 2 - Select Add To Segment

Once your list loads, you'll notice an action bar at the bottom of your screen. By default, the action will be to change the record status, so please make sure to make that quick change to 'Add to Segment' before you are done.

Step 3 - Define Your Criteria

To generate a segment, you first need to identify who should be added to the segment. There are various advanced filter bars for you to utilize, whether you want to segment by name, email, tag, lead source, status or if records are contained within an existing list segment.

We also allow you to filter by values within custom data fields that are associated with the designated list. Once you are done creating your filters, you'll click 'Go' and the list will update with your filters.

Step 4 - Select Your Data

Once you've defined your criteria select "Go". This will query the system to generate a report of records that meet those conditions.

To select those generated records you have three options:

  • Individually select
  • Select all on page (50 records)
  • Select all ( Up to 1000 records)

*If you are dealing with larger data sizes it is recommend to use our Quick Segment Builder or Automation.

Finally, you'll have the option of adding all records contained with your filtered search to an existing segment, or create a brand new one. Simply input the name of the segment if you wish to create a new one, and click 'Done, perform action'.

Once your segment is created, you can navigate back to the List Manager. Your newly created segment will be included with all other segments associated with the designated Marketing and/or CRM List.

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