To create a Marketing List, hover over Accounts & Contacts ---> Create & Import

On the next screen you'll be prompted to select the type of list you would like to import. Go ahead and select Marketing List.

First thing you'll do is give a unique name to your Marketing List. Ensure that the Date/Time Format and Global Suppression Rules options are correct before clicking 'Next'.

Now you have the option of Manually adding records, or to import records from a CSV file on your computer.

Please read our permission guidelines carefully prior to uploading your data to our system.

If you choose to import a list from a CSV, after accepting our Acceptable Use Policy, you'll be taken to our Data Field Setup.

As you can see, we give a few default data field values that you'll be able to utilize for all the other features of the platform. You will be able to add other types of Text, Number or Date/Time Fields too. Once you've set up your list values, you'll be taken to the Upload the list screen.

Choose your CSV or Tab Delimited file from your computer, and click next.

NOTE* - If your spreadsheet has separate columns for first and last name, please combine those two columns prior to import. Our system has one native name field that will combine the first and last name. To ensure the full name is imported, please combine first and last name column prior to import.

If you are uploading a CSV with non-ASCII characters, please ensure your CSV is encoded in UTF-8.

The import process will then begin. Once it's completed, your last step is the match your .CSV columns with the data fields within your list. If you missed creating a custom field prior to this step, that's not a problem! The system will allow you to create a custom data field for any column.

Once the import process is finished, you can view your newly created list by navigating to Database--->Database Manager. From the List Manager, you'll be able to identify your marketing list either by filtering by name or by the icon associated with any marketing list (a bullseye).

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