With our Email Testing Suite, users will be able to preview and analyze how your email template will render across all major desktop, web and email clients, as well as browsers and mobile devices.

*Important Note - It is highly recommended from the LeadFWD team to utilize the 'Test My Message' feature for any and all marketing communications you plan to send out. This test will provide the most and in-depth insight as to how your template is going to look to your recipients and provides references of how to tweak your template.

Unlike web browsers, email clients and mobile devices are far more strict when it comes to HTML and CSS standards. Just because your email renders properly in a web browser does not mean it will render correctly in every inbox. Our Email Testing Suite allows you to preview your email in 60 different browsers, mobile devices and desktop clients, all with one-click.

From Step 3.1:

A new browser window will open up and EoA will begin processing your HTML message and generating previews. It takes a few minutes or so to get your first set of results.

Code Analysis Summary

The EoA test will also allow you to generate a code analysis summary, which will comb through the HTML and CSS of your template and record any errors (logged by priority) of what specific lines will not render properly for the particular view.

URL Validation

The EoA test also has a URL Validation tab, enabling users to verify that all hyperlinks and other redirects in the template point to valid URLS.

Link Map

Lastly, the EoA test will provide a mapping of your template and identifies where your url's and other hyperlinks are, as well as identifying if they are validated (with green check mark) or not (red x)

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