With the Click Campaign Manager, users will be able to track unique vs total clicks, conversions and opportunities created vs opportunities won; all within a color-coded graph. You can also email this graph to any sending address to print out or share around with your team!

Users can enable/disable Click Campaigns at their leisure. Alternatively, users can also delete Click Campaigns if it will never be used again or if you no longer want the Campaign to show in the manager.


Organization is key for any successful marketing strategy and managing your various Click Campaigns are no different. Organizing campaigns by the CTA or keyword is simple using LeadFWD's categories ensuring you are viewing the correct analytics every time.

To do this, click on the four squares button at the top right of the manager. The Gear icon next to each campaign will be replaced with a 'Select' button (shown in the screenshot below). Next, click 'Select' for each list you'd like to be looped into a Category. After you select your campaigns, use the bar at the bottom of your window to either create a new Category, or add selections to an existing Category.

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