To access Drip Campaigns you will follow Pro Marketer --> Drip Campaigns. As Drip Campaigns are their own dedicated tool, all aspects of your campaign will be configured within one core location. From there you will click on the Create New Campaign button in the upper right corner.

Begin by naming your Drip Campaign ---> Save Campaign.

Creating a Drip Campaign involves multiple steps and the order in which these steps are accomplished can be left to the end user. In this walkthrough i’ll start with the basic framework of selecting our recipient groups.

Step 1 - Selecting Drip Campaign Recipients

Drip Campaigns require no complex automation logic. Drip Campaigns function through streamlining recipient selection to four criteria:

  1. Members of Lists or List Segments
  2. Members of CRM Target/Campaign Lists
  3. Tag Membership
  4. Individual Record Enrollment

Selecting Drip Campaign membership is simple as each criteria is searchable to quickly find your list, tag or record.

*Drip Campaign membership is dynamic, meaning as records are added to your lists and tags, they will be automatically inserted into your campaign. The system is constantly scanning for new members to match.

Additionally you can add individual records to your Drip Campaign through their Timeline Intelligence Report.

Step 2 - Create/Import Email Content

Similar to Drip Series, Drip Campaigns allow for email creation and import within a singular wizard. For more on creating an email click here: Building an Email

Step 3 - Understanding Drip Status’

When adding email content to your Drip Campaign, a drip sequence can be considered one of three status.

  • Active - The sequence is considered active content. It is in the queue ready to send.
  • Paused - The sequence is complete but is paused within the stream and will not send.
  • Set-Up Incomplete - Incomplete Sequence Content (Setup must be completed)

Email will only send with a status of active. Content can be paused at any point if you no longer wish for records to receive that email.

Step 4 - Prioritizing Email

Within the stream you can also prioritize your content by simply dragging and dropping messages into any order you choose. Simply hover over an email and drag that email into the position you would like it to be in.

Drip Campaigns are intelligent meaning each Target/Contact that is enrolled in your stream will receive the next highest prioritized email message at the next scheduled delivery interval. If your Target/Contact has previously received the email content that appears next in your stream, we automatically skip that message and send them the next highest priority message.

Please note that the status of the Drip Campaign itself will always take precedence over the individual email status. Although content may be active within the Drip Campaign, if the campaign itself is paused then nothing will send. You will know your campaign status by traveling to Pro Marketer ---> Drip Campaigns.

In our below example our Drip Campaign is not active and will not send any email despite several emails in my stream being active. The campaign itself must be activated first.

Step 5 - Configuring Delivery Interval

Similar to Drip Series, Drip Campaigns allow for flexible customized delivery intervals designed to accommodate a wide range of scheduled sending.

Drip Campaigns have the ability to send the first email immediately when a record enters the drip campaign (instead of waiting until the next delivery date). This option allows immediate contact that will then defer to your scheduled interval date.

Select “Delivery Schedule” from the settings dropdown in the top right

Select your delivery interval from the drop down, the specific time of day and the option to send your first email immediately. Unlike basic email automation that send every X days, Drip Campaigns allow you to leverage calendar days for your delivery. Ex. Send every Monday and Thursday at 2PM EST. Or the first and last Wednesday of every month at 9:00AM EST.

Step 6 - Time Sensitive Content (If applicable)

If emails have specific date range relevancy, you can configure individual emails as time sensitive. Time sensitive content will have a specific date range of sending and once your configured date range has passed, the email will no longer send. Ex. A holiday promotion valid from Dec 1st- 31st. Or an upcoming event with an RSVP date ending April 14th.

To configure Time Sensitive Content, locate the email in your stream and select the stopwatch icon.

From here, select the sending date range of this email. The email interval will follow the delivery interval configured above, but will not send this email once the range has expired.

Step 7- Activating Your Drip Campaign

We've now fully configured our Drip Campaign. To activate your campaign hover over Pro Marketer ---> Drip Campaigns ---> Activate (Under your desired campaign)

Below is an example of three Drip Campaigns, one activated and the other two are paused. If your workflow is missing components, the Drip Campaign manager will display what aspects still need to be completed in order to activate your workflow.

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