Drip Series was designed to simplify the process of creating, executing and managing lead nurturing drip campaigns. The standard approach to drip marketing by Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) can be quite limiting in a variety of common scenarios and we set out to improve or fix several of those functional pain points.

The core of Drip Series is a simplified user experience that enables a user to manage an entire drip campaign from a single interface. In most MAP building a drip campaign involves assembling several actions together (to send emails) after 'X' number of days. The problem is that each action is then managed separately, which can make future changes and content rearrangement difficult and potentially impossible (without starting over).

Smart Content

With Drip Series you have a single, streamlined view of every email message contained in your campaign. Each message can be edited directly from the main interface view and new messages can be built or imported without ever leaving the tool. You can also prioritize your content within the stream by simply dragging and dropping messages into any order you choose.

Smart Delivery

Each Target/Contact that is enrolled in your stream will receive the next highest prioritized email message at the next scheduled delivery interval. If your Target/Contact has previously received the email content that appears next in your stream, we automatically skip that message and send them the next highest priority message.

Smart Timing

Unlike standard drip campaigns that schedule email sends after 'X' days, Drip Series offers a more intelligent approach with Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery allows you to configure much more specific delivery schedules, like every Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM EST. or the first and last Wednesday of every month at 8:00AM EST.

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