With LeadFWD's Accounts & Contacts, users will have greater flexibility when managing and organizing your various list types within the platform. LeadFWD has 3 list types:

  • Subscriber Lists (For Email Marketer Users)
  • Marketing Lists (For Pro Marketer Users)
  • CRM Lists (For Pro Marketer Users)

Pain Points

Prior to our Lead and Contact Manager, users experienced several pain points.

  1. Not much visibility to the Lists/list growth
  2. No easy way to segment/group together list types
  3. No intelligence to determine the evolution of a record's status, other than the need to reduce Active Targets
  4. Several clicks to perform tasks such as enabling suppression, changing record status or unsubscribe options. Must navigate through multiple pages to accomplish this.
  5. LeadFWD did not support duplicate email addresses across multiple Marketing Lists. They would be considered duplicated, and thus not count towards an Active Record limit.


We've completely revamped our list manager from expanded UI functionality, easy navigation and enhanced reporting analytics.

List Organization

Organizing and managing multiple lists within our previous list manager was a bit clunky. For those managing pages and pages of lists, navigating through that data minefield was a bit of a challenge. Our new Lead and Contact Manager solves those organizational woes with the addition of categories. Our new list manager can folder your specific lists into user created categories allowing for simple and effective organization. Users can filter by category name or list name for easy access.


Where's Waldo?

Searching through your sea of record data was previously reserved to name and email filters. That's great if you'd like a singular list, but what about more dynamic filters? Our robust segmentation tool is still in place, but for those quick record look up's our Lead and Contact Manager allows for expanded search criteria. Filter options include name, email address, record status, lead source, tags and segment membership. For those looking for an even more drilled down search experience you can filter by custom data fields within the system.


A Friendly User Experience

Our Lead and Contact Manager brings expanded functionality but maintains intuitive and efficient navigation for an enhanced user experience. All of your managing options are right at your fingertips. Managing the various tools in the manager is done through a one click solution on the far right of each list. Simply click on the gear icon next to a list and select the various management tools whether it be managing suppression, unsubscribe options, or changing record status type.


Marketing List Enhancement

With our new Lead and Contact Manager we now allow for duplicate records to span across multiple marketing lists. For those that utilize marketing lists as segmentation tools, allowing for duplicate records means greater functionality for the user. Let's break down a real world example. A user has two marketing lists, Monthly Newsletter and Weekly Promotions. If records would like to receive both of this content they now can as their email can exist across multiple marketing lists. Please be aware however, that with this change each duplicate record residing within a marketing list will count towards your active target limit.

Ins & Out of List Management

With our Lead and Contact Manager, users can manage lists all within one view. By instituting the categories function, similar to our Automation Manager and Landing Page Manager, users will be able to add or remove lists from Categories. Lists can be associated with unlimited categories.

The process is straight forward. First, click on 'Organize Lists' at the top of the manager. Next, you'll click on the 'Select' buttons for which lists you'd like to loop into a Category. Finally, you'll either create a new Category for your list selections (if this is your first time using the new Manager, you will need to create a Category) or add to an existing Category. And then BOOM! there ya go.


Suppression & Unsubscribe Management

Enabling/Disabling suppression for a list is now a one-click solution (gear icon) Once records are enabled under suppression, they will be removed from any workflows and set to a status of inactive.

Managing the Unsubscribe option for a list has also been converted to a one-click solution. Clicking the 'Unsubscribe Option' under Manage will pop up the window shown below.

Controlling Your Targets

Editing a list and managing the records under a list has never been easier. You can batch update records to a status of 'inactive' by checking off the records and then changing their status via the bar at the bottom of the manager. Before you change the status, you're able to see the leads last digital interaction to determine if perhaps you want to keep the record active. You'll also be able to view segmentation membership, lead score, lifecycle stage and lead source. In addition we'll display the records current engagement with your automated workflows.


Filter & Find

If you're looking for particular records, you can utilize the various filters to hone in on targets that match your search. Need to bring in more parameters? Not a problem, include custom data field values into the advanced filters. You can add as many filters as you'd like, and if you decide some of the filters aren't really necessary, then you can seamlessly remove them. With LeadFWD's intuitive sync, entering in values (after selecting an operator i.e equals, contains, etc) will automatically bring up registered values that the sync has picked up on. Any and all values within that given data field will be populated, so all you need to do is begin typing in the value, a list will appear showing all values that match your input.

Filter, Find & Update

Once your records have been filtered, our Accounts & Contacts manager allows for seamless task management with your newly sorted data. Instantly change the records status, add/remove tags, add records to a segment or email your filter report to a colleague. This ability to mass update your database puts you at the helm of database management and allows for complete control of the dial.

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