Before you activate your automation track, you may want to test your conditions or the sequence of actions that follow. When you are testing an automation track, the testing tool replicates the same logical path that your target would encounter in the live track.

Some important notes while utilizing this tool:

You can choose to test and validate conditions only and/or test all automation actions. Actions will be executed in order according to your automation track timeline. These actions will also appear on the Timeline report for your test target record.

You can test all outbound emails (Send Email actions and Content Stream actions) separate from conditions or other automation actions. All emails in your automation track will send without any of the specified wait connector delays.

Any target used to test a track will NOT be enrolled into the live workflow. However, all actions saved in your automation track will execute for that Target. It is always recommended to use an internal or a test contact.

Because your test target is not actually enrolled in the automation track, if they actually become eligible for the automation track, they will go through the live automation track. Again, it is recommended to use an internal or a test contact.

Test targets will NOT appear in your automation track metrics; they will NOT count towards your total enrolled or total completed targets.

Please note that your automation track does not need to be activated in order to send a test Target through the track. However the track must be completed with a concluding end-point -- incomplete tracks with a missing end will not function for a test.

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