Visitor Identification is not an exact science and sometimes LeadFWD will display a Lead (company) that is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Host (Data Center House DCH). In most cases this is not the company visiting your website. In other scenarios, LeadFWD may display the result of a company you may not wish to count against your LeadFWD plan as they do not mesh with your buying persona. You have the ability to disallow these leads from counting against your LeadFWD plan allotment.

Hiding Leads (Mark as Spam)


If LeadFWD has identified a Lead (company) where there is an inaccurate match or is a ISP/DCH type company, you can hide the visitor from the visitor report. Rolldown the results for the Lead (company, and move to 'Mark as Spam'. You'll be able to determine a reason why you're marking as spam for review. The lead will be hidden from your report moving forward.

Delete Prospect


You may also wish to never see the returned result again from a visitor session. By rolling down an identified Lead (Company) and moving to 'Delete Prospect' we will remove the returned results of the Lead from your report as well as any additional website visitor sessions. They will be treated as an anonymous visitor moving forward.

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