Lead Feed (Alert Policy) Filters


The filters are where the alert policy rules are derived from. Users can save any combination and any amount of combinations of filter rules to be used in the future as an alert policy or to enroll visitors into a Lead Automation. Once your desired rules are keyed in, clicking 'save as lead feed' will commit the rule combination to be deployed for alert policies or lead automation. These saved feeds can also be used themselves as a filter to sort visitor traffic. The filters users can deploy are:

  • By email or name - Search specific visitors by name or email (known visitors only)
  • Select a saved feed - filter by a saved set of rules previously used and saved from the visitor report
  • By Platform - search visitors by the device/OS used (i.e Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • By Device - search visitors by the specific device they're on (Android OS, iPhone, MacOS)
  • By Location - filter visitors by countries, states/regions/provinces and cities. For all visitor types
  • By Visitor Type - filter visitors that have been identified as a company, identified as a person (known visitor) or anonymous
  • By Quality - filter visitors by the amount of insights discovered which converts into a visitor quality
  • Industry - filters identified visitors and known visitors by the Industry LeadFWD has picked up (i.e Advertising, Software, Manufacturing)
  • New or Returning? - Filter visitors based off new, unique visitors or if they have previously visited your website before and come back
  • By Page Views - view website visitors by the amount of unique pages they have viewed from your website
  • Employee Count - Filter visitors by the size of company (for identified companies and known visitors only)
  • By Network type - filter visitors by their network signature

COM Commercial

ORG Organization

GOV Government

MIL Military

EDU University/College/School

LIB Library

CDN Content Delivery Network

ISP Fixed Line ISP

MOB Mobile ISP

DCH Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit

SES Search Engine Spider

RSV Reserved (commonly a VPN)

  • Company Profile - Search for a specific company (identified and known visitor traffic only)

Setting up a Lead Feed


To create a custom Lead Feed, key in filters designed around a segment of traffic you'd like to analyze. Keep in mind you also have control to view visitors over a 24H, 7D, 30D and 60D period.

After all the filters desired have been keyed in, click 'Save as Custom Feed'. This will commit on the filters on-screen to a Lead Feed to be used later in the web visitor report or as a rule for Lead Automation and Alert Policies.

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