Within the Web Visitor report, users will be able to follow identified and/or known visitors.

Identified - Lead (Company) identified by LeadFWD's Visitor Identification methods which translate the anonymous visitor session into an actionable data point

Known - A marketable record (email address) that has been identified by Site Monitor after committing a tracking action (clicking link in email or capturing data via LeadBox)

By either collapsing the identified or known visitor row (+ icon) as shown in the screenshot above or by clicking the star icon in the far-right most column, LeadFWD will automate an alert once the visitor has hit the website again.


Once a visitor is being followed, an email alert will automate to the intended inbox, complete with social footprint, click to call as well as the identified leads general info. In the event of an identified visitor, the company name. In the event of a known visitor - the record's name in addition to a company match if LeadFWD is able to make one based on the @domain.

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