As Visitors hit your Website, it's important to understand what constitutes a 'good' Lead you may wish to reach out to versus a Data Center, ISP or bad match.

Network Types

COM - Commercial

ORG - Organization

GOV - Government

MIL - Military

EDU - University/College/School

LIB - Library

CDN - Content Delivery Network

ISP - Fixed Line ISP

MOB - Mobile ISP

DCH - Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit

SES - Search Engine Spider

RSV - Reserved (commonly a VPN)

LeadFWD does the heavy lifting of classifying ISP's, MOB's and BOT's as Anonymous visitors. This does not mean they are not valid visitors - it simply means the network they are using isn't being signed by a company. If they were to submit on a Leadbox or click-through an email campaign sent to them, that Anonymous Visitor can be turned into an Identified Person.

More often than not Data Centers will be identified by LeadFWD initially, however these visits will not counted as Lead identified against your LeadFWD Plan.

Focus on visitors of the Network Types COM or ORG. Traditionally, for B2B companies, these are the visitors you are after. We give you the ability to filter out the other Network Types, use our Web Visitor Filters often.

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