Yes and no.

Yes - if you manually assign a website visitor session to a Lead from your Prospector Database, that website visitor has now become a person. All future sessions logged against that visitor will be attributed to the Lead. If a Lead clicks-through an email campaign sent to them or submits on a Leadbox, we will be able to identify their website session while cross-referencing their email address.

No - When a visitor hits your site for the first time, or the first time a website visitor is identified by LeadFWD's web-tracking beacon, the specific person who is researching is not known to us. While we may be able to identify Leads (companies) that are visiting your website and even give you the ability to unlock key-decision makers, we don't necessarily know who until they conduct a visitor-attributing activity. This is where good prospecting, reaching out to multiple stakeholders and driving them back to your brand is important.

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